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Barry Namm Art

Bayard, NM

"Modern Stone Sculpture, Fountains and Paintings"
I was born and grew up in New York City. Coincidentally I was born in the same neighborhood that Isamu Noguchi had his home and studio in Long Island City Queens. He later became one of the main influences to my art. I consider myself a sculptor but I have also taken sculpture techniques and tools to create paintings. When I work in stone, usually basalt, my number one objective is to show the beauty of the stone. I attempt to contrast the different textures and surfaces inherent in the media. An example is putting a highly polished surface next to the skin or rind of the stone which has been oxidized for thousands of years contrasting a highly machine surface against a natural ancient one.
I have exhibited works around the country, created several public art pieces in the Northwestern and Southwestern United States. For eight years I was the resident artist at the “Urban Garden Habitat” sculpture garden in Fall City Washington. I now reside and work in Southern New Mexico.
Wescover creator since 2020
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Residential Project
Silver City, NM
Residential Project
San Francisco, CA
Street Art
Shoreline, WA

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