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Ayse Sirin Budak

New York, NY

Born and raised in Istanbul, Ayse Sirin Budak is a mixed media artist who currently pursues her passion for art by creating at her home studio in New York.

What most strikes about Sirin’s works is the use of ‘color and shapes’. She considers color to be an instrument that serve a greater purpose, which is to evoke our most basic emotions. That is why Sirin makes sure the color she uses becomes the subject in itself. On the other hand, when it comes to shapes, the way she uses them is to control the feelings in the composition of an artwork. On her works, she wants the shapes and forms play the dominant role just by themselves because she is a core believer that shapes have emotional, dramatic and descriptive power. For instance, her favorite shape ‘circle’ is the perfect representation of completeness. It is a never-ending line, balanced, and often a symbol of unity and eternity; and can be seen as an answer to man’s search for meaning and understanding of time.

Moreover, on her works Sirin emphasizes the concept of 'wabi sabi', the beauty of imperfection which is the reason she is naturally drawn to painting on raw canvases, handmade cotton papers, Lokta papers, and Dastar fabrics; for their distinctive uniqueness, imperfect and natural textures.



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Residential Project
New York, NY
Residential Project
New York, NY
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Residential Project
New York, NY

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