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Art of Plants and Elliptic Designs
Art of Plants and Elliptic Designs

Art of Plants and Elliptic Designs

Oakland, CA

Art of Plants founder Jenny Wong-Stanley is part designer, builder, sculptor and scientist. Her bent wood sculptures, planters, and home decor reflect a reverence for nature as well as a keen artistic eye – they are at once modern and organic, thoughtful and calculated. Raised in a family with humble means, Jenny learned resourcefulness early, using recycled materials to create artwork and grow her budding creativity. That habit has continued into Jenny’s current work, which frequently incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, scraps, and remnants when available.

Jenny began her career as a graphic designer, working in the industry for ten years with companies such as Marvel and Entertainment Weekly. After a decade of design, she switched courses to pursue a disparate passion for science. Jenny earned advanced degrees in behavioral neuroscience, ecology, and biology before returning to design. Jenny’s creations for Art of Plants incorporate her passions for science and nature into her work. Not everything she makes or designs is plant related but the name stuck and living walls was her main design in the beginning when Art of Plants was in its nascent stages. Lighting is at

She is also a mother to two little girls, an avid cook and a John Hughes 80's film loyalist.
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