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Anna Jaap Studio

Nashville, TN

The world of Anna Jaap is a world of joy – the joy of nature, the joy of beauty, the joy of exuberant passion. In her photography as well as her painting, contemporary artist Anna Jaap immerses us in her exploration of the deep, inherent joy in all things.

“Joy is deeply personal, fluid and changing, and it expresses itself in infinite ways: Heartfelt joy, passionate joy, pure joy, serene joy,” says Anna. “Everything I create emerges from the many textures and nuances of joy I experience in the world around me, as well as in my own heart – which I share in celebration with you."

Anna Jaap Studio offers signature works for residential and corporate collectors, interior design professionals, and luxury hospitality environments. Clients include Agricultural Bank of China, Avon, Bentley Forbes, Henredon, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, and Tiffany. Art licensing available. NEW! Selected original paintings are now available as accessibly priced archival prints.
Wescover creator since 2018

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