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Aleea Jaques - Aleea Art Studio

Northville, MI

"My figurative abstract paintings are lively statement pieces that delight the viewer with quirky expressions, unexpected details, and a risky color palette. I play with humor in a rearrangement of anatomy, like eyes and lips that seem to have slid off a face and landed elsewhere in a painting, or limbs appearing as though operating backwards. Lips have tripled, one eye hides, lashes protrude from pupils - anything to defy convention. Like the spirited energy of a child, my paintings cannot be ignored."
Aleea grew up watching sailboats drift behind her house on Lake Saint Clair, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The brightly hued sails formed imprints in her memory, long before she discovered painting.

One night while painting on flower pots at a friend’s house, her love for art began.

Painting through the night, Aleea knew she found her calling.

She would scour flea markets to find wooden furniture, like coffee tables and dressers to paint her designs on and sell to local shops. Aleea then began painting on glassware, which was sold to boutiques and department stores around the country. When hand painted glassware wasn’t a thing anymore, she turned her brush to canvas.

Inspiration comes from her love for interior design. Growing up with a mother who used a designer for many years furnishing their lakefront home, Aleea fell in love with collected interiors. When she sees a room with a black marble fireplace and periwinkle barrel chairs in a shelter magazine, for example, she can’t wait to get to work and create a piece that would look stunning in that room.

Aleea’s goal is to create unexpected art for a memorable home.

Today, Aleea’s paintings are featured in gallery exhibitions, magazines, at speaking engagements, and in many private collections across the United States.

Aleea’s studio is located in charming downtown Northville, Michigan.



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Residential Project
Northville, MI
Residential Project
Northville, MI
Residential Project
Northville, MI
Residential Project
Northville, MI

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