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Aleea Jaques - Aleea Art Studio

Northville, MI

"I create statement pieces for a memorable home. My paintings are conversational, bold and colorful. I like to tell a story either through the expression on a face, the layering of paints, or a sense of movement within the design. I use drips, splatters, layers, objects within objects. I play with value to achieve areas of high contrast, often moving from dark to light. All this helps create a storied piece of art, one that cannot be ignored."
I grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan where Canada is visible across the lake on a clear day. From my bedroom window I watched the sailboats show off their vivid colors of yellow, red, purple, and green against the soft backdrop of blue sky that faded into the water. This was my inspiration long before I discovered painting.

My journey to a full-time artist began at full speed in my mid-twenties while visiting a friend. She pulled out some terracotta flower pots for us to paint on while watching movies and when I looked up, hands covered in paint, the TV was snowy and my friend had long gone to bed. It was 3 a.m. From there I painted everything in sight - furniture, walls, window casings (much to my landlord’s horror), even the floors. I would scour flea markets for things to paint and sell in local shops — chairs, tables, chests, anything made of wood.

When I started painting on glassware, my career took off. I sold to boutiques and department stores across the country. I gave live painting demos on champagne flutes and water goblets for local cable shows. I held trunk shows (now called pop-ups) in major retailers including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and in beautiful private homes. One of my all-glass, hand-painted tables (assembled with plates and vases) was featured in the lifestyle publication, Hour Detroit Magazine. Not long after I began painting on canvas, I developed a severe intolerance to my acrylic paints. I would experience strange symptoms whenever I tried to paint - body swelling, dizziness, overwhelming fatigue, and muscle pain. Doctors told me I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) for which there is no cure, and I had to avoid exposure to all chemicals at all costs. They said I’m allergic to the 21st Century. Nice! Staying away from perfume was one thing, but sheltering in a bubble and giving up painting was no happening. I spent years on a relentless search for relief so I could live among the living.

Then, at the start of the pandemic when the world comes to a stop, my healing begins. A website claiming to cure MCS was one of a handful of brain retraining programs based in neuroscience. I learned I have a limbic system impairment, and our brains can rewire using the principles of neuroplasticity. Part of the rewiring required daily hour-long positive visualizations for months. I also couldn’t watch the news or have a negative conversation, or watch a movie that showed a high-speed chase. Six months later I had successfully retrained my limbic brain and nervous system to view acrylic paints as harmless. Not only could I paint again, but I could wear perfume too!

Today, I bring you the same vivid colors from the sailboats of my childhood - a bold expression of my grateful heart. All of my works are original and created in my studio located in charming downtown Northville, Michigan.
Wescover creator since 2022

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