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Providence, RI

"Life is a big canvas is what you make of it."
My name is AGONZA. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island in the Manton projects. I spent my teenage years living in the Dominican Republic, before moving back to New England. Throughout my life I’ve sustained verbal and physical abuse within my family, school system and DCYF. Due to this I’ve battled severe depression, PTSD, and PCOS which has heavily influenced my art.
I believe as human beings our experiences allow us to be able to teach others what perspectives and understandings we have learned from life. I express myself through art, as I believe art is the best way to communicate a story without words. Every art piece I have created in my life has a purpose and a story. Throughout my career I have displayed my work in multiple art shows in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In 2017 and 2018 I won three People's Choice Awards between the Salem Mural Slam and El Punto in Salem MA. Recently I have been featured on the front page of Providence Journal and was featured as a main artist at The Avenue Concept (TAC) in providence RI. Now I am a main board member of TAC with the focus to help that urban community rise with the power of Art.
I believe in the transformational power of art. It has helped me to live my truest life. I believe that art can change people and communities. As an artist the best feeling is having viewers of all ages and ethnicities be able to sit together, as a community, in front of your work and relate to it, smile and momentarily lose themselves in the experience. Public art creates those opportunities for all.

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