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Aarti Bartake

Singapore, Singapore

Aarti, is a virtuoso of abstract art who channels excitement and passion into every brushstroke, creating profound connections with her life’s experiences. With an unwavering commitment to captivating the senses, she endeavors to amaze, enthrall, and engage viewers through her mesmerizing creations.
Using only the finest materials, Aarti meticulously crafts her paintings on high-quality canvases or acid-free paper, employing the best quality acrylic paints to bring her visions to life. Each stroke is infused with intention and purpose, resulting in masterpieces that exude both elegance and depth.
With a decade of experience in the art world, Aarti has established herself as a reputable artist, garnering recognition through online platforms, international exhibitions, and shows. Her prolific career has yielded over 300 paintings, many of which have found their place adorning the walls of esteemed art collectors, homeowners, and businesses.
A testament to her unwavering dedication to excellence, Aarti boasts a flawless track record of satisfied customers, maintaining a 100% positive feedback rating throughout her artistic journey. This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is a testament to the artist's ability to connect with the hearts and minds of those who appreciate and seek out the beauty within her creations.
To ensure the longevity of their artworks, Aarti diligently applies a protective coat of high-quality varnish, guarding against the ravages of time, light, and dust. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the paintings can be cherished for many years, providing an enduring source of joy and inspiration.
Step into the world of her artistry and let yourself be transported to a realm where brushstrokes speak volumes and emotions come alive. Through her paintings, Aarti invites you to experience the profound connections that art can forge, as she continues to create timeless works that resonate with the soul.



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