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Dundonald, United Kingdom

"We founded our company on a single, simple principle; to create aspirational furniture that longs to be touched, with meticulous details to captivate your imagination."
The origination of exceptional furniture is a rare skill, a science and an art. The furniture that emerges at the hands of a truly talented, professional, individualistic cabinetmaker will possess a quality that transcends function, becoming something extraordinary in itself. There are only a few gifted artisans who can create bespoke furniture that not only fulfils its purpose but also enhances its owner's quality of life. Such furniture is to be found at 1718 Ltd.

Distinctive furniture begins in the imagination; not in the workshop or timber yard, showroom or boardroom. The imagination is where ideas begin, take shape and emerge, in response to practical needs or an emotional desire for something new, or more traditional, more personal, or simply different.

The imagination you'll find at work in 1718 is original, dynamic and creative. Better still, our ideas are empowered with a lifetime's experience of techniques, technology and materials. We are outstandingly well equipped to transform client desires and concepts into realities in ways that surprise and thrill as well as function.

We like our clients to participate and collaborate, and share in the creative process, should you care to - after all, it's your dreams we are making come true.

"I'll gladly collaborate with clients, as private individuals, architects, interior designers or corporate commissioners, in search of the most engaging answers. I love to intrigue and delight people by suggesting unexpected materials, shapes, textures and colours. Whether the journey requires modern technology or traditional handcrafting skills, I can help find the best possible way forward."​

"Function is paramount ... but I believe that form, appearance and touch are all part of the function. Beauty and presence are integral to every piece, as they are to every life."​

Michael Mancini
Wescover creator since 2020

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