Autumn Vibes: Our Favorite Fall Colors

By: Wescover

fall colors

fall colors


This week we are highlighting our top picks for the fall season! Our creator’s vibrant and intriguing works have inspired us to curate our seasonal favorites. Check out our top picks for Fall Colors in 2019:


1. ICZero1 Chair by Guto Indio da Costa at R. Pinheiro Guimarães, 101, Botafogo, Brazil

Fall colors of ICZero1 by Guto Indio da Costa

These orange ICZero chairs carry the brightness of summer into fall with their accented saturation and hue.

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2. Larger than Life Sculpture by Joy Brown on Broadway in New York City, NY

fall colors

Joy Brown’s nine larger-than-life abstract bronze nudes can be found in many spots along the Broadway Malls. This sculpture’s soft, human form is comforting and its warm bronze color reminds us of the changing leaves of autumn.

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3. Shy Beams by Bec Brittain at a Williamson Residence, Williamson, NY

fall colors

Fall can be modern too! SHY Beams by Bec Brittain creates a form with lines of light in a corner of this curated space. The warm golden glow of Bec’s lamp gives this space a lovely atmosphere.

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4. The Sling Chair & The Tripod Table by Fernweh Woodworking at the Good Mod in Portland, OR

fall colors

The icy light in this rustic space gives us a feeling of a crisp fall morning. This awesome chair and side table frame is hand-shaped from high-quality American walnut by Bend, Oregon-based Fernweh Woodworking. They look incredible at The Good Mod, a retail store in Portland, providing rich, warm brown tones with sleek joinery inspired by Danish and Scandinavian design.

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5. Drive Chair and Drive Barstool by Bedont at Sokyo Restaurant in Pyrmont, Australia

fall colors

Although these Drive chairs can be found in a trendy Japanese restaurant in Australia, we love their simplicity and sleek use of a natural wood finish. The chair’s pale brown hue is a great inspiration for a modern fall color.

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6. Magic Flag in ochre by Ashley Brown Durand / Secret Holiday at a Private Residence in Montreal, Canada

fall colors

This Magic Flag in ochre is hung in a kids room and ties the space together. The pale earth tones in this bedroom are beautifully juxtaposed to each other, giving the space an air of elegant comfort.

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