Wescover Buyer Policy

Buyer Policy

On Wescover, you’re purchasing directly from Creators— artists, designers, craftsmen, and studios of all kinds —around the world! We want everyone in our community to have a positive experience. So please keep reading to understand how it works and the basic expectations of communicating and working with our Creator community on Wescover.

1. Understanding Wescovers Limitations as a Venue

Wescover is a venue where you can purchase unique and custom items directly from Creators around the world.

  1. You are buying directly from a Creator, not from Wescover. When you inquire about an item or working with a Creator, you are communicating with and buying directly from one of the many talented Creators on Wescover! Therefore, Wescover is not responsible for the information provided by the Creators or the fulfillment of orders with the Creators. However, Wescover is always available to help communicate!
  2. You are responsible for clarifying the details about your order with the Creator before transacting. Creator-made products are unique and often made-to-order, customizable, full commissions, or non-standard offerings! Make sure you check with each Creator on Wescover about their lead times, shipping methods, and shop policies.
  3. Wescover does not not guarantee or endorse any items sold on Wescover. Wescover began as a site for Creators to showcase their sold work in context and now Creators can now choose to become active sellers as well. All sellers agree to strive to offer the best experience to buyers as possible and the Wescover team is here to help. We do not guarantee or vet every seller however we do review inquiries and block Creators who get complaints from accessing selling features.

As a buyer, you have the opportunity to flag any Creator that violates any of Wescover’s policies by contacting us at: marketplace@wescover.com.

2. Communicating with Wescover Creators

Wescover is a place to make a personal connection with artists, designers, and brands that you purchase from. Communications go directly to Creators on Wescover.

  • Keep all conversations on Wescover. Creator should not ask you to go to a third-party website or make a purchase off Wescover. If for some reason you must transact outside Wescover, you must mark the message “Sale Made”. If a conversation is taken off Wescover prior to transacting we may not be able to assist with any problems related to your order.
  • Be courteous when asking Creators about an item or potential commission. There are humans behind every conversation on Wescover— whether it’s an artist, designer, or member of their team. Treat each Creator with respect and don’t forget to show your enthusiasm for their work!
  • Always reply to messages and finish conversations— even if you decide not to buy. If you decide not to purchase from or work with a Creator, send a message letting them know you’ve decided not to buy from them. Or simply mark the message as “not a fit” so they know not to expect an order.
  • Messages may not be used for sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, spam or for harassing or abusing our Creators.

3. Purchasing an Item on Wescover

Each Creator on Wescover has its unique items, policies, lead times, and shipping systems. By making a purchase from a Creator on Wescover, you agree that you have:

  1. Read the item description and discuss the policies with the Creator before making a purchase.
  2. Submitted appropriate payment for item(s) purchased.
  3. Provided accurate shipping information to the seller.
  4. If important, please make sure to check with the Creators if they accept returns or exchanges as the majority of items on Wescover are custom made / made to order and therefore do not allow returns or exchanges.

4. Reporting a Problem with an Order or Returning an Item

In the unlikely event that your order does not go as expected, you can ask the Creator and then Wescover for help resolving the issue.

  • Reach out to the Creator first if you have a problem with your order or shipping. If you contacted the creator about an order, and the creator hasn’t responded in a reasonable amount of time or you are not happy with the response you can contact our support - marketplace@wescover.com.
  • You can contact us at marektplace@wescover.com to come to a resolution with the Creator in the event of a non-delivery (an item was not sent to the address provided on Wescover) or if an item you receive is not as described (if the buyer can demonstrate that it is significantly different from the agreed description of the item, for example size).
  • Remember, Wescover is not directly involved in any transaction between a buyer and a Creator. By seeking our help, you understand that Wescover may use your personal information for the purpose of resolving disputes with Creators.

Some disputes do not qualify for Wescover’s assistance. These include:

  • Any transaction, or portion of transaction, where a payment is not made via Wescover’s payment system.
  • Items that are damaged by the shipping carrier (if properly packaged by the Creator).
  • Items that have been altered, used, or discarded after receipt.
  • Items that are received after the agreed-upon delivery date due to shipping delays.
  • Items that are returned without a return agreement.
  • Items that are accurately described but don’t meet a buyer's expectations.
  • Cost of shipping disputes.
  • Items that are purchased in person.

5. Requesting a Cancellation

Once you have discussed the details, the Creator will summarize your order details and issue a payment request.

  • Only the Creator can change or cancel the payment request on Wescover.
  • If the payment request does not accurately reflect the agreed upon price in your conversation, reach out to the Creator to update the request.
  • If you simply decide not to purchase an item after a Creator sends you a payment request, be courteous and send them a message explaining why you will not be making the payment. Then mark the conversation "not a fit" so they can close the request.
  • Buyers may request that a Creator cancel an order via Wescover Inquiry Inbox.
  • If you already paid the Creator via Wescover and you want to cancel the order, ask the Creator immediately to do so.

6. Returning an Item

Each Creator has his or her own return policies, and not all Creators accept returns. Please use our Inquiry Inbox to discuss with the creator his policies before making a purchase.

7. Shipping

Each Creator on Wescover decides how they ship. Please discuss with the Creator the different ways of shipping before making a purchase.