Wescover Buyer Guarantee

Wescover Promise to Buyers

Wescover is committed to making it easy, secure, and meaningful to buy from Creators directly on Wescover. We promise to keep your transactions secure, to help you buy from new brands with confidence, and to make meaningful purchases directly from creators selling in our marketplace. We are proud of our community of buyers for choosing alternatives to mass, disposable decor.

World-Curated Creators / Authentic Creators - We work to ensure Creators who are actively selling on Wescover are the authentic brands behind the piece (not a reseller or middle man) and agree to adhere to strict standards for service and quality. We work to find the best creative talent in the art/design industry so you can buy from the same artists and designers as pro curators.

Direct Communications - Wescover is a place to make a personal connection with artists, designers, and brands that you purchase from. Sales and inquiry messages go directly to the authentic Creator on Wescover.

Trusted Transactions - Keep transactions on Wescover where they are tracked, safe, and secure. We process payments using Stripe for their comprehensive fraud protection and prevention that exceeds industry standards.

Price-Match Guarantee - Creators who are actively selling in our marketplace promise to offer their lowest price on Wescover. While many items on Wescover are one of a kind, customizable, or full commissions, you’ll always get the best price and buy directly from the Creator directly on Wescover. If you discover the same item being sold by the Creator elsewhere, we'll make sure to match the price.

Human Support - We believe products should be personal and support should be more human. Wescover’s team is dedicated to answering your questions and assisting with any order-related needs. From time to time our CEO even answers support calls! If you need help you can email us at marketplace@wescover.com, email to schedule a call, or start an online chat with our team here. Buyer support is that important to us as we want to make sure you have the best experience on Wescover.

Buyer Protection

Creator-made products are unique and often made-to-order, customizable, full commissions, or non-standard offerings. Keep your conversations and transactions on Wescover so we can protect your purchases and make sure you get a creator-made piece you love. In the unlikely event that you receive an item that is significantly different than agreed upon in your inquiry messages we'll work with you and the seller to make it right.

Your purchase is protected if:
  • The full conversation takes place via your Inquiry inbox on Wescover so, in the unlikely event we need to, our support team can verify and review messages with you.
  • The order was placed and paid for on Wescover through our secure checkout.
  • You clarified the details about your order with the Creator before transacting! Make sure you communicate with the Creator on Wescover about their lead times, shipping methods, and shop policies before making a purchase. Don’t forget to provide accurate shipping information to the seller.
  • The item is significantly different than described or never arrived.
  • You reported the issue within 7 calendar days of the delivery date.
  • We value your experience. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to flag any Creator that violates any of Wescover’s policies by contacting us at: marketplace@wescover.com