Unique Wood Tables Mood Board

Unique Wood Tables Mood board Wescover.


We’re inspired anytime we spot a cool piece of furniture on Wescover and hundreds of unique wood tables are popping up on our map! The custom tables you see in this mood board were made by talented artisans and craftsmen. We love that these pieces are both functional living room furniture and exceptional decor elements. Here’s more about each table in the mood board and the awesome creators who made them!

1. Acacia Mini Bar by Citizen Wood Company LLC

This Acacia Mini Bar designed by Citizen Wood Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ was made from locally-sourced acacia wood. We love how the table accentuates the unique live edge and skilled joinery down the center.

Acacia Mini Bar by Citizen Wood Company LLC. Seen in Phoenix, AZ on Wescover.

2. Azuria River Table by Citizen Wood Company LLC

We’re loving the combination of materials in this natural table. Inside the live edge of this maple dining room table is a piece of glass that creates the illusion of a river! Citizen Wood Company also made this table for a private residence in Peoria, AZ. 

Azuria River Table by Citizen Wood Company LLC. Seen at a private residence at Peoria, AZ.

3. Gibbous Coffee Table by Robert Sukrachand

These nesting crescent coffee tables were made from beech wood and witch hazelwood by Robert Sukrachand. The pair was custom made for Café Integral’s SoHo location in New York City.

Gibbous Coffee Table by Robert Sukrachand. Seen at  Café Integral in New York City, New York on Wescover.

5. Figured Walnut Chevron Table by Citizen Wood Company LLC

This Phoenix apartment has perfected refined rustic style. We love how the chevron wood dining table has a geometric look but still accentuates the beautiful wood grain! Citizen Wood Company’s modern, contemporary designs can be seen all over Arizona.

Sleek, modern, contemporary, straight figured walnut wood chevron table by Citizen Wood Company, seen on Wescover.

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