6 Places to See Public Art and Walk-off a Thanksgiving Dinner in Los Angeles

After our linens are splashed in cranberry, our tableware is licked clean, and the only thing left un-devoured is the centerpiece, we have a choice to make: lay on the couch or walk it off. Choose the latter! Art is around every corner in Los Angeles. Discover a little something about the artists before visiting so you can even act as a tour guide for your family too!

If you are a design-lover in Los Angeles, walk off your Thanksgiving feast and share a little in-the-know local culture with visiting relatives at these 6 free works of art…

  1. Blue Elephants
    By WRDSMTH, The Bloc Downtown LA
    Covering a full city block along LA’s iconic 7th Street corridor, The Bloc is an open-air urban center full of art and inspiration. We love Los Angeles-based street artist WRDSMTH’s inspiring messages within it. Known for his iconic image of a vintage typewriter and inspirational text, take a walk to see this piece on the roof and ponder, what would your blue elephant creation be?

    Blue Elephants at The Bloc
  2. Mural Jammer
    By Cody Hudson, Santa Monica, West LA Courthouse Skate Plaza
    The site has a legendary history for skaters and, after this Santa Monica Courthouse was made a legal area to skate, it has become a space for artists and skaters alike. Pilgrimage to this historic plaza to enjoy a ride and view Cody’s bright mural.

    Mural Jammer at West LA Courthouse Skate Plaza
  3. Stair Candy
    By Carla O’Brien in Silverlake
    Aussie Carla O’Brien, painted these “Stair Candy” steps at the bottom of Micheltorena Street on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake. How many steps to the top?

    Stair Candy in Silverlake
  4. Whaling Wall Number 31
    By Wyland in Redondo Beach
    Renowned marine life artist Wyland (Robert Wyland) changed the way people think about our environment when he started painting life-size whales on the sides of buildings in the 1980s. He’s been doing them every since, and this one in Redondo Beach, “Whaling Wall Number 31,“ was completed in just 11 days. The giant mural of migrating whales includes nine life-size gray whales, the artist’s first blue whale (100 feet long), plus bottlenose dolphins and kelp forests 70 feet high. Southern California Edison installed halogen lighting so the painting also can be appreciated at night.
    Spot more of Wyland’s whales? Send them to us so we can map all 70+!

    Whaling Wall Number 31 at Redondo Beach
  5. Metro Columns
    By Bob Zoell in the Wilshire/Vermont Station
    In LA and not up to braving thanksgiving traffic? Inside the Wilshire/Vermont Station (yes LA has metropolitan transit!), there are 4 huge columns by Bob Zoell. While the artist is known for private works in some amazing homes, this public glazed ceramic tile installations are a part of our local lasting urban art.

    Metro Columns at Wilshire/Vermont Station
  6. Knowledge Moves Mountains
    By Louise Griffith in LA
    This white, blue, and yellow toned mural washes the façade of Locke High School in bright and lively geometric strokes. Street muralist Louise painted this mural with the help of honor students at Academy A , creating a special artwork for an academic community. Visit Locke High School to see how Louise and brilliant young minds created a visual masterpiece!

    Knowledge Moves Mountains at Locke High School
  7. Fluid Dynamics
    By Kipp Kobayashi
    Kipp Koboyashi’s blue silhouettes share the spotlight with many skaters. Kobayashi’s urban design merges the public environment with human interaction, creating a space where skaters’ shadows mould into the art below them. Come visit some of the city’s best amateur skaters whipping up some moves!

    Fluid Dynamics in Alondra Park


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