Go to Saskatchewan and See the Latest by Leah!

One of our favorite local artists, Leah Rosenberg, is out of town for a month-long exhibition at the Kenderdine Art Gallery in Saskatchewan!

Leah, mastermind behind experiences like TheColorFactory and local spaces like The-Progress, will be painting daily: creating shapes reminiscent of local agriculture using colors inspired by her hometown, Saskatoon. “Leah will paint directly on the gallery walls, working with a new paint hue selected from around Saskatoon, daily, over the course of one month. Each day Leah will add paint in a shape that references the local agricultural mappings, gradually creating a low relief mural” says her site.

State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

The artist works in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking, and performance. Color and process play a primary role in her practice as does her selection of color–a decision both personal and informed by everyday experience. She mixes the internal and intimate with the world of received images and external encounters.

M-Rad Architecture, Culver City, CA

Her murals often juxtapose very sterile and modern environments, whether it’s a restaurant, café, classroom, or office space. Her pops of color seamlessly, and joyfully, disrupt even the most sterile or traditional space.

Check out how all of her colorful pieces come together on Leah Rosenberg’s Wescover Map!
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