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Created and Sold by DaWitt

Dark To Light Quilt | Wall Hangings by DaWitt
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Image credit: Daniela Witt
Dark To Light Quilt | Wall Hangings by DaWitt
Dark To Light Quilt | Wall Hangings by DaWitt
Dark To Light Quilt | Wall Hangings by DaWitt
Dark To Light Quilt | Wall Hangings by DaWitt

Dark To Light Quilt - Wall Hangings

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160H x 148W x 0.5D cm

One of a Kind item
Universe V | denim, cotton | machine pieced and quilted | 1,60 x 1,36 m/ 63 x 54 | 2021

This series was created in the period 2016 -2021.
The idea for it are pictures that appear in my mind, then I cut out countless squares and then I puzzled as long as it corresponded to the picture in my head.

Despite the formally same structure and the same material, all variations are very different in their colourfulness and expression.

The quilting of the three layers in these works is done exactly in the seam, so that you can only see the seams from the backside.

This work is very suitable as a wall hanging in a shop or cafe due to the calming effect of the blue and white combination.


Die Bekleidungstechnikerin und Textilkünstlerin Daniela Witt hat sich auf die Technik des Patchworks spezialisiert, das heißt Stoffe werden zerschnitten und neu zusammengefügt. Der Stoff wird dabei aus seinem ursprünglichen Zusammenhang gerissen und in einen neuen Kontext gesetzt, dadurch entstehen ungewöhnliche Effekte bzw. fehlerhafte Dinge wie Löcher/ geflickte Stellen/ Verfärbungen rücken in den Fokus und bekommen eine neue gestalterische Komponente. Durch das Spiel mit Farben und Formen lassen sich unzählige Variationen erzeugen, die spannende Bilder ergeben. Als Textilien für die Oberseite werden hauptsächlich Altkleider verwendet, vor allem abgetragene Jeanshosen haben es ihr angetan, da die Gebrauchsspuren der ausrangierten Klamotten Geschichten vom Vorleben erzählen. Die Quilts entstehen in ihrem Atelier in Leipzig.

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Item Dark To Light Quilt
Created by DaWitt
As seen in Creator's Studio, Leipzig, Germany
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Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Contemporary Quilts

Hello, I am Dani, quiltmaker and textile artist. I love to sit at the sewing machine and mix unconventional quilts from a variety of fabrics and colors.
I originally trained in garment technology followed by a degree in garment technology. Then, after learning all the essentials of the garment industry and being ready to enter the fashion industry as a professional, I found that I enjoyed cutting up clothing and putting it into a new unexpected context much more. This was then my entry into the world of patchwork and the more I immersed myself in this cosmos the more fascinated I became. Since I know through my education how much energy and work goes into the production of clothing, a sustainable resource-saving use of textiles is particularly important to me, so I mainly use discarded textiles that can be found everywhere – be it in giveaway boxes, flea markets or from acquaintances. Also cuttings of participants from my sewing courses have been incorporated into my patchwork works.

With my quilts I want to preserve the current zeitgeist and tell stories. Especially visible signs of use such as patches, scrapings and holes in textiles attract my attention, because they make the development of the textiles and their wearers from the previous life visible.

For me, the patchwork quilt is the ideal medium for merging colour, material and pattern into a complex visual mesh, thereby emphasising and preserving the beauty of this material. In order to preserve the current zeitgeist, I mainly use old clothes for my work. My attention is drawn at the visible traces of use such as patches, scrapes and holes, because they tell stories from the past life of the textiles and their wearers.

Knowing how much energy and work has to be used for the production of clothing, sustainable resource-saving use of textiles is particularly important to me.