Street Murals by D Young V, as seen in Polk St, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Street Murals by D Young V seen at Polk St, San Francisco, San Francisco - Wallspace Mural

Wallspace Mural

There is a woman portrait mural created by two Californian artists, D Young V and Lydia Emily at Polk St, San Francisco. This technological-themed mural depicts a face surrounded with different signs, symbols, letters, and colors, suggesting that these are the woman's details like the ones you can see on sci-fi movies.
inPolk St, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Meet the Creator

"D Young V is best known for portraying a future world where history has been replaced with relics from a forgotten world, namely our modern society. Tribes of individuals have created culture from what is left of ours, and there is a sense of lawlessness about.”

D Young V then takes these characters and draws them with pen and ink. His extremely detailed works can not only be seen in the gallery, but also on the streets. You never know which city corner may hold a chapter from the future world Young V has created.” -Warholian

Available for commission/custom work