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Self Portrait | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Beth Winterburn. Item made of synthetic
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Self Portrait | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Beth Winterburn. Item made of synthetic
Self Portrait | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Beth Winterburn. Item made of synthetic

Created and Sold by Beth Winterburn

Beth Winterburn

Self Portrait - Paintings

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Woman Owned

Made In USA

48H x 48W x 1.5D in
121.92H x 121.92W x 3.81D cm
2.27 kg
5 lb

“What did you think of me when you first met me?”

Have you ever asked or been asked that question? How lasting is a first impression? We tell and retell those stories throughout our lives. Some first impressions are the only interactions we care to have with individuals, while others encourage us to deeper relationships. Are first impressions redeemable? Can we allow a second chance nowadays, or has our current quick-society taken that option from our lexicon? What enables us to circle back around to certain interactions gone awry and leave space for a new beginning? All of these questions and more are explored in this upcoming body of work. In these pages of paper and pieces of canvas, there is a playful display of awkwardness, tension and, at times, delight. Some marks are intended to leave a more desirable resolution, while others resolve easily within one another, even extending from the page or canvas itself to continue the story beyond the work. I hope you're able to recall some of your own history in these works.

Item Self Portrait
Created by Beth Winterburn
As seen in Creator's Studio, Memphis, TN
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Beth Winterburn
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Abstracts in ink + acrylic

Beth’s work tells a story of interpersonal dynamics in color, shape, line and texture. She utilizes her materials to create a record of memories as well as a journal of future aspirations. Her own journey consisting of hills and valleys, Beth desires to display a tension of longing, acceptance, conflict and serenity in her work. She sees her work as a language that speaks on her behalf, communicating a history and present reality of the complexities of human relationships. Her desire to influence the future with transparency and vulnerability lends to her effort to leave many of her marks and paint strokes to themselves, allowing and encouraging them to speak. She uses line and color to bring cohesion and connectivity to seemingly unrelated gestures. Beth is highly motivated by process and often finds it difficult to get to the end of a piece. Her interest lies more in the collected moments that lead to an end, much as in relationships that evolve over time.