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Public Sculptures by "Big Blue" seen at East Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills - Selfie Gate

Selfie Gate

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"Selfie Gate" is fabricated from 316 L stainless steel. This project started back in October 2015 when a friend of mine Carol Cunningham (an internationally renowned bronze sculptor) and her husband Don approached me about a sculpture idea they had. An 8-foot-tall pair of glasses with mirror polished lenses, What the! Was my first thought. Don brought a prototype of the concept to my studio a few days’ latter and we discussed the options for doing a piece from stainless steel. There original idea was to have the piece done in bronze with polished stainless steel lenses for people to interact with and take pictures and selfies in but the cost to cast the piece in bronze was going to be extremely expensive. Fortunately for me they thought of me doing a piece that was all stainless steel with polished lenses. I spent a couple weeks contemplating a design concept fabrication details and installation scenarios’ before finally coming up with this concept.Don and carol picked up the prototype and presented it to the town Civic and Cultural Association shortly after and it was approved. It finally made it through the Town Council in March 2016 and I started production of the piece the middle of March.

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Don Kenworthy grew up on his family's farm in Southern Idaho along the Snake River with the Nevada Mountains and the Rim Rocks as a backdrop. After high school he attended a one year welding program at Boise State University and worked in the industry for a year. Soon after, he joined the army. Don spent 3 years at Fort Campbell Kentucky with the 101st Airborne Infantry. After the army he moved to Seattle Washington where after a few years in the industry he started his own business doing custom metal work. He contracted with builders, developers’ architects and Interior Designers to do custom metal work. His work included the structural steel to support the house to the custom designed and built metal railings that adorned the homes like fine jewelry. His work was mainly in the exclusive waterfront homes around Lake Washington in Seattle Washington. In 2001 Don relocated to Fountain Hills, Arizona, where he started focusing on his art. Don has been creating metal art and custom metal work for the exclusive residence around north Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Fountain Hills every since. The town of Fountain Hills purchased Don’s sculpture called “Big Blue” in 2013 and placed it in the world famous fountain. On 3-17-2015 Don's newest piece "The Spirit of the Saguaro" was placed in the new "Legacy Plaza in Fountain Park". In 2016 Don's newest piece a 8' 4" tall stainless steel abstract of a pair of John lennon glasses titled "Selfie Gate" located on the Avenue of the Fountains in Fountain Hills. Don and his wife of 22 years currently reside in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

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