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Pasta Board Pastry Board | Serving Board in Serveware by ROOM-3. Item made of walnut
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Pasta Board Pastry Board | Serving Board in Serveware by ROOM-3. Item made of walnut
Pasta Board Pastry Board | Serving Board in Serveware by ROOM-3. Item made of walnut
Pasta Board Pastry Board | Serving Board in Serveware by ROOM-3. Item made of walnut

Created and Sold by ROOM-3


Pasta Board Pastry Board - Serveware

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"Our walnut board is the perfect tool for kneading, rolling, and shaping the dough into perfect loaves and pastries. This pastry board has a smooth surface that won't damage or tear your dough. This Board is perfect for home and professional use, allowing you to knead, roll, and shape dough with ease. Our dough board is made of high-quality material and is easy to clean. The design and size of this kitchen board make it easy to use and allow you to knead and shape larger batches of dough. It also has a non-slip surface, ensuring your dough won't slip and slide while you work. This Aesthetic walnut wood kneading board is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The walnut wood construction is sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its classic and timeless design makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

With sleek, natural design, this kneading board is perfect for the baker who loves to make bread and other delicious treats. Our wooden board will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. The natural color and texture of the wood are sure to bring warmth and style to any home. Wipe it with a clean damp cloth, and it is ready to use again. The Aesthetic Walnut Wood Kneading Board is an ideal choice for any baker. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this board is perfect for kneading dough and creating delicious treats. With its large size, you can make enough dough for a large family. It is also perfect for kneading pizza dough, and its non-stick surface makes it easy to clean.

- Product name: kneading board
- Material: Wood
- Length 24""
- Width 18""
- Thickness 1 1/4""
- Let me know if you have special requests to the sized or materials

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Please note: All wooden products are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE"

Item Pasta Board Pastry Board
Created by ROOM-3
As seen in Creator's Studio, Toronto, Canada
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