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abstract painting on canvas

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Sarina Diakos Art
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My Art
As a painter, my art practice is oriented towards an exploration of the aesthetics of beauty. I find the notion of beauty a mysterious concept and something beyond our capacity to fully describe in language: intangible, transcendent and verging on the divine. When in the presence of beauty, our spirits rise and our souls become nourished. I believe that now, more than ever, there’s a need for us to surround ourselves with the radiance of beauty so we may feed the spiritual and counteract the artificiality and negativity of the world in which we live.
Through filling our living spaces with works of art, in a sense we are giving ourselves permission to cultivate meaning in our lives. The search for meaningfulness has been at the heart and soul of all human existence since the beginning of time and it is said that when this need is met, the soul begins to feel at home in the world. However, meaningfulness isn't something we can simply go out and find. There’s an intentionality about making a space within our lives for it to happen, through doing small things that create an atmosphere of beauty and nourishment for every level of our being: spiritual, emotional and visual.
Art has a way of leading us to meaningfulness by offering us the means to contemplate beauty; to stop, pause and allow ourselves to transcend the busy-ness of our outside world. Contemplation is where we can truly reflect on the deeper meaning of life that's often hidden beneath the noise and distraction around us. Art leads us to a place of serenity where we can transcend the anxieties and uncertainties of everyday reality and give ourselves permission for the spiritual and the meaningful to enter our lives.

My Work
I use abstraction in place of literal reality as an invitation to consider alternative ways of seeing through non-cognitive means. I find that abstract works present an opportunity to encounter the beauty of mystery in a search for meaning beyond the limits of thinking and language. In this way we can be afforded insights that have the capacity to transfigure the ordinariness of life and offer us deeper meaning through the unification of the intellect with our emotions and imaginations.
Through my work I use the complexity of abstract forms and tangible elements as a response to the undeniable beauty of colour. I often apply layers of saturated warm and cool colours that interact with light and dark to make each other's hue more intense and to create intervals of colour harmonics that subsume form. In this way the colours become interdependent and determine the structure of the painting rather than shape or pattern. As I work through the painting, I add spontaneous gestures of both organic and geometric forms; expressions that embrace the intuitive and image-centred ways of thinking.
These motions give form to new pathways of movement and progression to express space and depth that hint of something beyond the painted surface. This tends to draw one inwards, towards a meditative space where the presence of linear time falls away and a liminal state of peace and contemplation is entered. I find the journey of painting then becomes one of reverence and grace and a habit of gentleness that sets free a creative fluency between myself and the canvas.

My Story
My story is one of travelling full circle – growing up I was always painting, drawing and creating things but thoughts of turning my art into a career were put aside when I started my family. During this time I continued to channel creativity into my life but as the years went by I found myself increasingly thinking about pursuing art more seriously. An opportunity came along when a friend asked me to join her in some local art classes. Eventually those classes lead to me enrolling in a Fine Arts degree from which I graduated with Honours in 2011. The study didn't end there however and I followed this with a Post Graduate degree in Arts Education.
Currently I show my work in local and national art shows and exhibitions when time permits and my paintings are held in private and corporate collections both here in Australia and internationally.