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Created and Sold by Marilyn Landers

Marilyn Landers

Horse Race - Paintings

Creator not accepting inquiries

Palette knife painting using soft colors and a lot of texture.

Item Horse Race
Created by Marilyn Landers
As seen in Private Residence, Roswell, GA
Marilyn Landers
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
My ultimate desire throughout the creative process is to share a single moment in time with the observer ~ a human connection through my personal artistic journey.

My passion for art began at a young age. At age 3, I used my entire arsenal of crayons to “enhance” my best friends brick grout on her front porch (still on display today)! Throughout my youth, I became enthralled with dance, specifically infatuated with choreography and movement. After several years of teaching dance, this experience set the stage for the arts. Throughout my adult life, I attended art workshops but thrilled at the acceptance to study under the direction of Gregory Johnson, world renowned artist. With Greg’s encouragement and a leap of faith I launched my own decorative art business for twenty years. Today, my stage in the arts is primarily canvas art and I love the twists and turns along the way. My hope is to have you enjoy and participate in my artistic journey!