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Marco Domeniconi Studio
Paintings by Marco Domeniconi Studio seen at New York, New York - In the Shadow of Big Allis

In the Shadow of Big Allis


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There is little indication of its past, but 150 years ago the narrow strip of land on the East River waterfront was the most exclusive neighborhood in Queens. As the city grew, the sumptuous estates and public promenade were replaced by factories, a gas plant, and by Big Allis - the Con Edison generating power station that provides the Queens waterfront with its most unattractive feature. More recently, artists escaping high prices established studios throughout Long Island City and were followed by businesses and residents. The old neighborhood is once again in transition. Big Allis still casts its shadow.

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Marco Domeniconi Studio

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I want my art to be as obvious as if I had stolen your thoughts.

My work is instinctive and spontaneous, thus there is not an overarching theory for creating other than letting my emotions take over. Most of my time seems occupied by satisfying a relentless curiosity about everything. I listen, I read, and I walk around collecting emotions which lead to sudden impulses to create. Some people have the ability to understand and communicate the feelings of another. For my part, I don’t readily understand them, though they affect me deeply. Experiencing and witnessing humanity, laboring to understand its condition is what drives me. I record fleeting moments, landscapes, people and colors as a mean to an end. The figures and shapes you see in my photographs or find in my paintings are not my subject. Whether it is a statement about walls, a plea about war, a scrutiny of alienation, or a message of hope and harmony, the themes always reveal my perception of humanity and its condition. I just want to create a path to an emotion.