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Josh Scheuerman
Paintings by Josh Scheuerman seen at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City - Tolerance


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Tolerance. An international art show started in 2017, creating a dialogue around the world using 120+ visual artists in their native language curated by Mirko Ilić .. I was asked to contribute art to the show by Dallas Graham and my intention was to give a voice to indigenous people and treaties broken both here at home and abroad. The quill pen throughout history wrote treaties and systematically erased them as well, drawing back the ink and taking back sovereign and sacred land. This eagle feather is blessed by the Hopi tribe and used in ceremonies by Carl Moore, photographed for the purpose of spreading awareness for people who have tolerated so much overtime. Tolerance and intolerance is the foundation to build upon. Meeting Mirko Ilic and learning about his history and the world art community which continue to use their pen to beat back the sword is truly inspiring and encouraging. “Keep the fire.” “Think globally and act locally.” Start the conversation and believe in your strength to become a voice for change.

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Josh Scheuerman

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This is what I’ve learned in four years of not knowing what I’m doing: Be kind, be brave. That’s my mantra. The thing I think helps me so I can go and create, is being kind. And when life is hard, because it will certainly be hard, you have to be brave. Be brave when you’re terrified, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.

Josh Scheuerman is a painter, graphic designer and photographer known for using his artistic talents to promote community and environmental activism in his native Salt Lake City and abroad. In early 2013, he collected 500+ pounds of plastic from the farthest corners of Utah for a public art installation called Four Corners: Eliminating Single Use Plastic Bags that was presented at TED-X SLC and PechKucha. In 2016, he traveled to Spain to recreate a mural for the city of Sant Carles de la Ràpita he had originally painted in 2012. In 2017, he shared a retrospective of his work for Salt Lake Design Week titled, Act Like You Know What You are Doing. He was also in a group show, Urban Plein Air at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by THE BLOCKS, Salt Lake’s Cultural Core in September 2018. His most recent work includes murals of historical sites and places, including one promoting preservation of the Bears Ears National Monument, after the Trump administration dramatically reduced its foot print in 2018.