Paintings by Annie Darling seen at Portland, Portland - Skyline
Paintings by Annie Darling seen at Portland, Portland - Skyline
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Item Skyline
Created by Annie Darling
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The Press Hotel is one of the Autograph Collection premier boutique hotels located in Portland, Maine. It was the mission of the developers to purchase all artwork for the public areas locally. Each piece is an original work of art by a Maine based artist.

I worked with the developers to understand the colors, style and design of the area in which my work was to be displayed. After gaining an understanding of the thoughts of the team, I chose a number of paintings that I felt would enhance the space. I presented a group of works and this one was chosen for its color and the content.

This original encaustic work of art is 44 x 44 inches including the frame. It was created using a method that involves dripping pigmented encaustic wax on a sturdy wooden panel and using an iron to fuse the layer upon layer of wax. Once the wax is cured etching tools were used to etch into the wax, creating lies that were then filled with pigmented oil stick.

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Annie Darling

Austin, TX

Encaustic + Mixed Media Paintings

Available for commission/custom work

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