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Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
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Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics
Ocean Shape | Interior Design by CSOSA ceramics

Created and Sold by CSOSA ceramics

CSOSA ceramics

Ocean Shape - Interior Design


Woman Owned


Natural Materials

Unique piece handmade in stoneware (high quality ceramic). This piece was made using the ancient coiling technique. Inside at the bottom, it is covered in a special green/turquoise glaze and with black shadows at the top, on the outside it is covered in a layer of porcelain, creating an effect of depth and adding a texture to the piece - Taking inspiration from marine forms, I wanted to reflect those shapes that we sometimes see beneath the ocean but don’t really know how to explain what they are, such as sea shells, pieces of coral, marine rocks... Which is where I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

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Item Ocean Shape
Created by CSOSA ceramics
As seen in Creator's Studio, Barcelona, Spain
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CSOSA ceramics
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2022
Unique pieces

I was born in Tenerife , in the Canary Islands specifically but have lived in many countries, the United States, in New York, being the one in which I spent the longest time.

I am fascinated by creating and innovating, introducing design and an artistic perspective to functional pieces. Each creation begins when I discover a new color, texture, shape or story that I want to tell. I try to show an aspect that touches my heart, the affection I feel towards my childhood, playing in turn with the shapes, which sometimes can simply be bubbles from the sea or marine creatures and different types of texture. texture.

My inspiration strongly embraces my childhood. It comes in large part from that land with a dark volcanic mantle, where its spectacular and powerful mountains rise under a cloak of green. That cobalt blue sea and its magnificent crashing waves which below its depths hides a world of wonderful life. On other occasions, like the good islander that I am, when the wind blows I border on madness. The part of me that is normally hidden emerges spontaneously, thus releasing a feeling that causes a moment of happiness and that I think will perhaps cause the same effect on others ... or if not, will at least will make them smile.