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Life πŸ”΄ | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Darlene Watson Abstract Artist
Life πŸ”΄ | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Darlene Watson Abstract Artist
Life πŸ”΄ | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Darlene Watson Abstract Artist

Created and Sold by Darlene Watson Abstract Artist

Darlene Watson Abstract Artist

Life πŸ”΄ - Paintings


There are small areas of raw canvas, markings with marker and acrylics on this extra-large display of life. Shapes in colour of your dreams and desires along with the raw areas which are those parts of your life you have yet to discover, visit and experience. You have complete control over the shapes of "YOUR" life. Experience all the corners and paths as you only have the one "Life"

Note; I am posting closer shots so you can see the details and I want to mention that the entire parts of the background that have the underpainting are a soft, light greyish blue. I am unsure why it photographs with the one side looking a bit more of an off-white. The entire canvas measures large enough that if you had a desire to have a deeper depth you could stretch it to three inches without any difficulty. I have signed it in a spot up the right side to allow for that or even a bit deeper if desired. It is at least 14' long to give an idea of this huge scaled canvas and approximately 6.5' high.

A showpiece and large focal point for any space.

The deep coloured larger shapes are not black but rather a deep blue. I was unable to be far enough back to get a better shot and I apologize for that. If you ever want more photos please feel free to just contact me and ask. I have tried my very best to show you "Life"


Item Life πŸ”΄
As seen in Private Residence, Switzerland
Darlene Watson Abstract Artist
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
"Abstract expressionistic, impressionistic originals and prints by Canadian artist, Darlene Watson."

Darlene Watson is a contemporary artist that speaks with colour, shape, and lines. She has a great love for Monet, Klimt, Kline, Kandinsky, and Mitchell which reflects in her paintings. This artist's informal, spontaneous gestural, and thoughtfully placed brush strokes show her energy as an abstract painter.
Darlene's works can be found worldwide in private and corporate spaces in Kuwait, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Ireland, The UK, The US, and Canada.

Her works are a process for her to place constant thoughts on a surface. The natural setting in her outside world holds hands if you will with her imagination so she can create joy with shape, colour and line.

Earthy, bold, colourful, warm, spontaneous, expressive, energetic, passionate, imagined, emotional creation, unique, one of a kind, genuine, gestural, happy, joyful, luminous, a treasure, superb, breathtaking, elegant, stunning, unforgettable, alluring, magical, luscious, vivid, chic, explosive, stunning, pure joy, luxe, elegant, delightfully decadent, exquisite, luminous, dazzling, irresistible, delightful, enchanting, charming, cosy, lovable, winsome, captivating, warm as a favourite cashmere sweater.