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Student Depot Lodz | Interior Design by MIXD | Student Depot Salsa in Łódź
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Student Depot Lodz - Interior Design

Featured In Student Depot Salsa, Łódź, Poland

The Student Depot in Łódź is the second facility of this chain, whose interiors were designed by the MIXD studio. In line with the character of the Student Depot brand, it is colorful, energetic and ecological here, and the sources of design inspiration were, among others, Łódź textile industry and an orangery in the Łódź botanical garden.
It is hard to find a better location for young people who want to take full advantage of the student life of young people than Student Depot Łódź. A few steps from here is Piotrkowska Street, teeming with party life, full of bars and clubs. A few minutes is enough to walk from here to the Lodz University of Technology and probably the most famous university in the city: the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theater. Leon Schiller. Not much further are the Kazimierz Górski in Łódź, the University of Łódź, the Medical University and several other universities.
The Student Depot in Łódź can host several hundred young people. There are 267 single and double rooms with kitchenettes and high-speed Internet at their disposal, as well as common areas designed by the MIXD studio. “As in Gdańsk, the starting point for us was the lifestyle of young people: their aspirations, passions, ways of spending free time, taking care of their health and well-being. In the spirit of design known to us from working on hotels and the idea of new hospitality, we wanted to create attractive experiences for young people, take into account their needs, create a friendly, energizing space with a sense of humor, ”says Piotr Kalinowski, CEO and Creative Director of MIXD.

The character of the common spaces of Student Depot Łódź, designed by MIXD, is created by creative play with patterns and structures. In the city, which is the cradle of the Polish textile industry, stripes, checks and multicolored zigzags, as well as openwork as if straight from lace and knitwear, as well as the cord braids of calypso armchairs are a funny wink at the local tradition. It is raw, very industrial - among others. thanks to a polished concrete floor and exposed concrete on the ceiling, ceramic blocks and prefabricated elements that were used to build a reception area and partition walls, and industrial lamps. But the richness of colors and patterns perfectly balance this industrial atmosphere. There is also the motif of a regular truss, already known from Student Depot Gdańsk, repeated from metal shelves, through ceramic tiles on the walls, to details in the form of Rubik's cubes used as hangers. “When designing the interiors of another Student Depot facility, we behaved a bit like jazz musicians who play the same musical theme, but enrich it and surround it with completely new solos. The color, dynamics and energy of Student Depot were still the guiding principles, but we expressed them using a different set of aesthetic means of expression. " - describes the work on the student dormitory in Łódź, Piotr Kalinowski.

There are many local references, given in a very subtle way. The characteristic stick-chairs came from nearby Radomsko, from the Fameg factory, the origin of which dates back to the times when the first textile factories were built in Łódź on empty fields. The Thonet brothers, like the Łódź factory owners, who located their plants in this area in the era of the Kingdom of Poland, counted on the conquest of the Russian market. The idea was probably a good one, because there are still plenty of fans of Radomsko products all over the world and they are still the true pride of the Polish furniture industry.
The green chillout zone, full of potted plants, is a reference to the local botanical garden with a magnificent orangery, full of specimens that often remember the interiors of factory palaces. This tropical splendor of the former Łódź is mixed with red brick, worthy of both the Łódź Manufaktura and the architecture of South America. After all, who wouldn't dream of an exotic vacation during a difficult session? Especially that the number of hammocks and rope acapulco chairs per square meter is record-breaking. “We had a great time finding these non-obvious combinations of various motifs in the interior. We hope that you can feel it in this space and that the atmosphere of fun, so close to young people, never leaves it. "

Design team: Paweł Panek, Alicja Dziedziela, Katarzyna Stasina, Anna Stachi, Małgorzata Trelińska, Anna Kosecka, Martina Mirecki

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