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Golden Hour | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Melanie Biehle
Golden Hour | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Melanie Biehle
Golden Hour | Oil And Acrylic Painting in Paintings by Melanie Biehle

Created and Sold by Melanie Biehle

Melanie Biehle

Golden Hour - Paintings


Woman Owned

Made In USA


Summer sunshine and sea blues with a smattering of soft white patterns. 11x14 inch acrylic, gouache, watercolor, oil, pencil on canvas. Hanging wire installed. Artist's signature on back.

Plus packing/shipping/insurance, sales tax (if located in WA). Framing is not offered.

Returns accepted within 3 days. See Creator Policy

Item Golden Hour
Created by Melanie Biehle
As seen in Private Residence, Seattle, WA
Melanie Biehle
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
I want my art to feel like I feel when I’m on vacation.

Melanie Biehle creates atmospheric abstract paintings inspired by travel and place.

The artist grew up in rural Louisiana and has lived on the west coast for most of her adult life. She currently lives in the Seattle area with her husband, son, and pets.

Melanie became a painter in her 40s, after becoming a writer, a mother, and an interior and lifestyle photographer. Before that, she lived and worked in Los Angeles as a film marketer and optioned her romantic comedy screenplay.

The artist received a Master’s degree in psychology and later studied abstract painting and composition at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. Melanie lists artists Richard Diebenkorn, Lee Krasner, and Joan Mitchell as major inspirations.

I want my art to feel like I feel when I’m on vacation.

Spacious. Curious. Relaxed. Inspired.

I create abstract paintings that are atmospheric expressions of place. The spirit of discovery, leisure, space, and time connects us, even when we are inspired by different locales.

While my paintings may have some basis in reality, they’re almost never focused on one specific location. Instead, they are an amalgam of energy, nature, architecture, color palettes, topographical aerial point-of-views, and memories of places that I have been.

When I create my paintings I vacillate between using oil and acrylic. The texture paste that I often use in my acrylic paintings allows me to express sensations I feel when I’m walking barefoot in the sand, calmed by ocean waves, and find a rough beach rock or beautiful shell whose patterns make me stop and study it. I sometimes use broken shells or rugged stones as tools to help create the work that they inspire, scratching or digging through layers of paint to form lines or textures.

I feel most at home, relaxed, and connected in or near the ocean and I spend as much time as possible on the Puget Sound beaches where I live. I’m grateful to be surrounded by so much natural inspiration.

In addition to the Pacific Northwest and the places that I travel to, I often revisit the feeling of Southern California in my work. I’ve been drawn to Los Angeles since I was a teenager, and I’ve had the opportunity to live there on two separate occasions. The light, palm trees, succulents, sage green and earthy desert colors, mid-century modern and Spanish style architecture, bright bougainvillea dripping off white stucco against blue skies, and the Pacific Ocean — these are some of the things that swirl together and allow me to create “my California”.