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Dancing Midnight C | Mixed Media by Aga Art Studio
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Dancing Midnight C | Mixed Media by Aga Art Studio
Dancing Midnight C | Mixed Media by Aga Art Studio
Dancing Midnight C | Mixed Media by Aga Art Studio
Dancing Midnight C | Mixed Media by Aga Art Studio

Created and Sold by Aga Art Studio

Aga Art Studio

Dancing Midnight C - Mixed Media

Price $3,800

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Estimated Arrival: August 3, 2024
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432H x 432W x 126.96D in
1097.28H x 1097.28W x 322.48D cm
9.07 kg
20 lb

Material: Resin, Acrylic Gem Stones & Herkimer Diamonds 36" x 36"
Part of a TRI Series (can be bought separately )

I crafted this piece of artwork to serve as a luxurious focal point within a room. The crusted edges with texture will be done upon purchase, the choice to add silver or gold line work to the art is an option too. This style of art does well with ambient lighting as it sparkles the most at night when it catches the light.
During the daytime, it captivates observers with its shimmering gold accents and reflective resin. As night falls, this artwork undergoes a captivating transformation, catching the light and creating a sparkling spectacle as you move about the room. To enhance its allure, I've incorporated Herkimer Diamonds, a personal favourite of mine. These precious gems not only contribute to the artwork's aesthetic charm but also work to harmonize energies, fostering a heightened sense of balance and a higher vibrational frequency in the space it adorns.

Item Dancing Midnight C
Created by Aga Art Studio
As seen in Creator's Studio, Edmonton, Canada
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Aga Art Studio
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2023
A visionary, creating energy through art.

Resin art became Agnes Rup's sanctuary, where she found solace and expression. The more she delved into it, the more she realized that this was her calling to make art with high frequencies and energy by inserting real herkimer diamonds into the art.

She is inspired by the natural beauty the complexity of quartz, gemstones and pushes those boundaries through her expression of modern resin art. Her pieces are more than visual experiences; they are energetic encounters. Her pieces pulsate with a high frequency—they are vibrant conduits for the passionate energy that is put into each piece and herkimer diamonds. Using resin art as my primary medium, She has developed unique techniques that not only capture but also transform light, creating a glittering spectacle from dawn to dusk.