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Chandeliers by Neptune Glassworks seen at Otium, Los Angeles - Circuit Chandelier

Circuit Chandelier


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Custom options available, ask the creator for customization.
Flush and sprawling across a relatively low ceiling, this light fixture in Otium doesn't have the profile of your typical chandelier. Neptune Glassworks achieved a similar classic elegance and lighting effect but, through the use of angular copper and blackened steel, added masculinity.

MATERIAL Brass, Powder Coated Aluminum - Custom Glass Finishes Available
DIMENSIONS L x W x H 48” x 40” x 16” (Default Module)
WEIGHT 4 lbs (Default Module)
ELECTRICAL 120V | G25 | Incandescent: 240W | LED: 24W | Dimmable

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Neptune Glassworks

Meet the Creator

Timeless Designs Made from Timeless Materials

Trained in glass, ceramics, and sculpture, with a background in both engineering and fine arts, Uri Davillier has been fusing function and form with his hand-blown sculptural lighting pieces for over a decade. From his Downtown LA studio, the Neptune Glassworks team create distinctive lighting pieces that are a reflection of art, nature and technology.

With hand-made craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, Neptune Glassworks' designs seek to challenge the false dichotomies of logic and free-association; masculine and feminine; transparent and opaque; old and new to create timeless designs made from timeless materials.