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Conference Tables

Shop our collection of unique, handcrafted, and custom-made conference tables to find a table your team will be excited to gather around. Whether you’re inspiring more creative collaborations or setting the scene for an important conference, these one-of-a-kind office tables are made to reflect your culture and inspire your team. Explore the curated collection of solid hardwood and long live edge conference tables to complement your office culture.

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Shop for conference tables that double as contemporary art and come 100% one-of-a-kind. These handmade pieces made it into our collection because they are designed for modern boardrooms and work environments. They are created with functional details like inlaid power outlets and multi-use surfaces to keep collaborative work going.

What is the most sought after style within the collection? It has to be live edge tables because no two are the same, they’re definitely sturdy, and are often made more sustainably. This style leaves the natural exterior tree edge uncut, hence its name, which emphasizes the organic nature of the hardwood. While you may be tempted to go with a prefab table, the advantages of the live edge table are both in its form and function. Each table is individually handcrafted from a slab of solid hardwood which is usually naturally aged or kiln-dried. This makes it a more sustainable and durable choice than any composite material - so you can use it for years or repurpose it for another space.

Each Creator brings a unique style to their conference table designs. Pair materials like hardwoods, heavy steel bases, inlaid concrete, and marble for strong, industrial, or brutalist interior designs. While we love a bold look, you can still go big without being too bold. To lighten the look of a massive piece, especially for midcentury or lighter minimalist interiors, choose white oak, a blonde wood, or poplar.

Explore Wescover to find uniquely curated, eclectic conference tables that are treated as one piece of art by your local woodworkers. Reach out to get a quote on totally custom dimensions and styles.