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Coffee Tables

A unique designer coffee table has the power to transform your living room. Each coffee table in our curated collection is made by contemporary designers from around the world, and all together are curated to fit each and every design style. From mid-century to rustic, indoor to outdoor, and functional to sculptural, these handmade coffee tables will set the tone in any space.

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What Types of Coffee Tables are available on Wescover

The right coffee table sets the stage for your living space by welcoming you and your guests to set down your drinks, sit back, and enjoy the moment. Wescover showcases a variety of coffee table styles in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a round coffee table or a square one, a wood one or a glass one, or even a coffee table with storage, Wescover creators offer options that suit both style and functionality.

Coffee Table Styles

Whether you’re looking to display your collection of coffee table books, or if you simply need a place to set your drink down while you’re watching TV, deciphering what style of coffee table suits your space can be a challenge— but Wescover makes it easy. We showcase abstract coffee tables, modern coffee tables, contemporary coffee tables, and mid-century coffee tables that will make a statement and serve their purpose.


What are the latest trends for Coffee Tables?

Recently, coffee tables are setting trends of their own. Some popular coffee tables are multifunctional, some are sculptural, and some come with surprising textures. You may also come across coffee tables with natural accents that work to ground the space around them.

Should a Coffee Table be lower than the couch?

The general rule with coffee tables is that they do not exceed 4 inches in height over your couch. However, this is general and it really depends on what suits you and your space.

How do I style my Coffee Table?

Coffee tables can be a lot of fun to style and are the perfect stage for any of your collections. Large coffee table books, candles, small sculptures, and pottery are great pieces when it comes to styling a coffee table. If you’re looking for an excuse to buy yourself flowers, it will give you a place to display them and add a natural element to your decor.

How do I choose the right Coffee Table for me?

The right coffee table for you comes down to your personal style and how you plan to use it. Choose a coffee table that fits well in your space, and compliments the rest of your furniture. Additionally, if you plan to eat or work on the table, you should consider materials that are easy to clean and that will age well.