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Zoobs - Art
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Los Angeles, CA

Zubair Ansari, known to the art world as Zoobs, is a critically acclaimed, award-winning British contemporary artist who forges visuals into conceptual philosophy. Zoobs has been living and working between New York City and Los Angeles since the fall of 2013 when he moved to the United States from his hometown London, England. It was in the United Kingdom that he carved himself a successful global career in the arts with his unique mixed media pieces and his fine art photographs which were being displayed and sold at shows within prestigious institutions and spaces such as the Saatchi Gallery, Guy Hepner Gallery, and the worldwide Opera Galleries.

His dedication to creating incredibly candid and personal works of art, resulted in an explosive PR-rich career boost once he was under the wings of Jean David Malat, director of Opera Gallery London, with articles appearing in the likes of glossies such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, and his interviews appearing on prime time BBC news channels globally. His works are now prized amongst niche collectors as well as frenziedly coveted by the media.