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Wonki and J ceramics

Melbourne, Australia

Wonki and J ceramics is based in Melbourne makes free-style pottery designed to be natural, unassuming and practical inspired by Korean Buncheong slip ware + nature of Australian bush using natural raw materials supplied locally.

we were drown to the colors of Australia bush land has, it is very unique to the other side of the world, here white tree barks doesn’t have only white bits it has contrast here and there making good harmony with pale green leaves and other beautiful surroundings it’s the freedom of nature itself we believe nature has an eternal quality of beauty that gives a long life charm.

There’s something special feeling about using handmade pottery, earthiness makes meal time more appreciated as a maker handling earth and bring it to the life is also a special feeling we enjoy our slow process of making. We hope our pieces can give you a little smile in your everyday life
Wescover creator since 2020

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