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William Holt

Melbourne, Australia

William Holt has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from Monash University, alongside a broad range of experience in painting, sculpture, installation art. He is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited extensively with a long list of collectors around Australia and internationally. William is extremely consumed in every line, texture and nuance of the canvas, as he applies his whole physical being into the act of creation. Through working outside, he maintains a close connection with the materials, as the sun and wind influence all parts of his process. William recycles everything from paints to previous works, enhancing the maximum sculptural energy. The material, physical and tactile nature of the canvas is a spontaneous enjoyment for William, as the dynamic paint application is almost an inspired whirlwind of pure life-force and vitality.
As a contemporary abstract artist, I have always believed in encapsulating a deeper sense of authenticity in every artwork. For me, art is more than an image, it becomes a presence that influences the environment or space around it. Art, especially abstract, innately demands the embodiment of an almost tangible physical power. That body of the artwork dramatically effects the viewers interaction with the piece. Thus, I always aspire to preserve my initial inspiration, as I attempt to impart a sense of immediacy in my work. Through necessity or design, for the last twenty years my work has revolved around the ability to recycle disused and discarded paint. This process has been the driving force behind my painting practice, inherently promoting a multisensory creative experience. Thus, if followed faithfully through reworking and rethinking the layers of paint, hidden depths develop, and textures emerge. This vacillating spectrum of natural influences coinciding with my human intent as an artist has not only formed my approach to art making but has informed my artistic experience. Whist this method of creativity involves a process of precision, decision and trust, the outcome ultimately infuses a palpable presence within my artwork for all to see.
Wescover creator since 2020

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