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Walt Jones

Los Angeles, CA

“I make art to reconnect with the organic world. There's so much reality we overlook in our daily routines. I try to find and share it.
-- Walt Jones

As a visual artist, Walt Jones swings a double blade to slice what's shared from what's different between the organic and the constructed, the abstract and the concrete, solitude and congestion. He's drawn to the ancient and natural, even as he builds with man's newest, most powerful creative tools. His concepts and compositions emerge from mathematical precision, yet each includes at least one intentional flaw.

Walt discovered a passion for art when he realized a used Nikon FE could help him record his lighting projects. But he found much more when the camera captured dancers sculpted by his lights. From those early experiments with composition, exposure and zonal compression grew a love for grabbing and saving moments when light, shape and form gather to tell new tales. That love helps define Walt's aesthetic: He embraces technology to get things done, while eschewing any manipulations beyond straightforward enhancements readily available in his darkroom.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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