Vikki Drummond - Art and Interior Design
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Vikki Drummond

Vikki Drummond

Victoria, Canada

"Taking a sideways look at space, time and humans"
Like many creatives, Vikki Drummond came to the art world via a very circuitous route. When she was about 4 years old she announced she was an artist. But she found her way there only eventually, after leaving the BFA program at college, prematurely, to follow a boy into the business program. 20 years later, after successfully selling, marketing and managing she purchased paint supplies and just began. An autodidact officially since 2012 she now paints from her own Studio Gallery in historic Fan Tan Alley, downtown Victoria BC and a garage in Rossland. She loves her husband and her 4 beautiful children (2 of which are furry). Vikki is represented by ArteFunktional Gallery in Vernon BC and in her own gallery in Victoria BC. More work can also be seen on

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