Vikki Drummond - Interior Design and Paintings
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Vikki Drummond

Vikki Drummond

Kelowna, Canada

"Taking a sideways look at space, time and humans"
Like many creatives, Vikki Drummond came to the art world via a very circuitous route. When she was about 4 years old she announced she was an artist. But she found her way there only eventually, after leaving the BFA program at college, prematurely, to follow a boy into the business program. 20 years later, after successfully selling, marketing and managing she purchased paint supplies and just began. An autodidact officially since 2012 she now paints from a studio in her yard in Kelowna and a garage in Rossland and loves her husband and her 4 beautiful children (2 of which are furry). Vikki is represented by ArteFunktional Gallery in Vernon BC AND ON

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