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Valerie Legras Atelier

New Orleans, LA

Valerie Legras is a native of Epernay, France. She attained her Masters Degree in Interior and Product Design from Ecole Camondo in Paris, France where she lived and worked as a young adult. She has formally acquired different means of expression, not only in interior design, but also in excellence of culinary arts training from the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.
Family life brought her to New Orleans, Louisiana where she further realized her passion for interior design and the redesign and renovation of commercial, public, and residential spaces.
Valerie has had a unique career trajectory which has afforded her diverse experiences in both creative and technical fields including design and construction, culinary arts, and photography. All of these creative skills are linked to her rigorous commitment to research into any creative challenge, and blended, with her aesthetic vision and her passion for metamorphoses.
Valerie brings a multicultural, thorough, and adventurous approach to every space she transforms. She combines her extensive experience both in Europe and in the U.S. to carve a name and signature style into the industry.
Wescover creator since 2020

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Is there an essential mix of talents you need to create a space?

"Behind a brand, there is a name; behind a name there is a team of individuals with a multitude of talents and skills! This is the key to making a project a reality. I am always on a quest to find new talent for VLA to align our work with. Woodworkers, ceramicists, ironworkers, glass makers, woven artists, upholsterers...the people who add textures to our world. I value the work of makers so much that I dedicated a podcast, Textures, to them! Follow and listen through your favorite listening platform, which you can find through my website, or on Spotify!"
Valerie Legras AtelierValerie Legras Atelier

How did you discover Creators (designers, artists, makers, etc.) and keep your community growing?

"When I look at a space and the "right" answer comes to mind, I find it to be too obvious and not satisfying, so I look for another answer. I see my work as a collaboration between the client, our trades, artisans, and artists. This to me is the most powerful and creative. Spending time in the workshops of artists, makers, and artisans is a great source of inspiration for me. I believe our clients are coming to us because we transform spaces with the French savoir faire of VLA through an artful and bespoke approach."
Valerie Legras AtelierValerie Legras Atelier

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

"Whether it is in my personal life or in design, I always have the same motto: "Turn a difficult situation into an opportunity." My biggest creative challenge in design is coming up with totally unexpected answers due to an obstacle! It forces you to push your boundaries and to exceed the design expectations to the great satisfaction of the VLA team and our clients!"
Valerie Legras AtelierValerie Legras Atelier

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