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L Rowland Contemporary Art

Asheville, NC

"contemporary paintings for the contemporary soul- binary code messages - music soundwaves- modern takes on living nature"

Leslie believes that art is a powerful form of communication, sometimes visceral and sometimes direct. The purpose of her work is to make the viewer feel connected, joyful, loved and enthused. According to Leslie, art has the potential to heal, enrich and enlighten. It’s Leslie’s greatest ambition to create art that reaches you.

Leslie is a lifelong veteran of the arts, and has been creating since she was a small child. Her mother used to throw her hands up in futility when Leslie chose her own palettes for paint by number projects, turning them into works of impressionism. Leslie’s father would come home to find that she had adorned the driveway and sidewalk with colored chalk. When they took away the chalk, she fell back on much more permanent bark. The world was her canvas. Becoming an artist was not a conscious decision, rather a compulsory happening; art is what Leslie thinks about while awake and what she dreams about at night.
Much of Leslie’s work focuses on technology. Now, more than ever, our lives rely so much on technology and communicating with each other digitally. This new and prevalent form of communication is explored in paintings with positive messages in binary code such as "you have a beautiful soul," “I love you,” “love lives here” and "Fuck it; let's dance." Another technological series concentrates on music and presents soundwaves from songs we all relate to. Leslie has painted soundwaves based on The Beatles, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Miles Davis, Lil Wayne, Fats Domino, The Stones, John Lennon and even monks chanting "OM."

Another area of focus is the complete juxtaposition of technology, nature. These works emphasize ecological concepts, condensing relatively complex scientific scenarios into single images. The works include butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators puzzled together with imagery of flowers from which they derive nectar and that they pollinate. Another ecological concept is presented in a series which depicts animals and how they benefit the ecosystems and humans.

Leslie has had many solo shows and group exhibitions throughout her career and has owned galleries in Las Vegas, NV and now Asheville, NC. She also worked as the creative director for a 40 year-old art company where she honed her ability to create art that reaches people. She and her husband moved to the vibrant arts community of Asheville, NC 7 years ago. In addition to an art filled life, Leslie has a graduate degree in environmental science. She and her husband have a crew racing team on beautiful Lake Lure, NC and take great pleasure in training and racing. Leslie also loves to spend time with her five rescued cats.
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