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Twinette Poterie

St. Charles, IL

"I make pottery for the home- pieces are inspired by the vastness of the natural world and it's small wonders."
I am Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair, the face behind Twinette Poterie.

I found my life's work in clay. Clay can be formed into almost anything- it lends itself to purely artistic sculptures or highly functional intimate work. I tread the line between both. Most of my work begins on a potter's wheel with a ball of clay. From there, I will embellish, using any number of techniques- carving, inlay, colored clays and detailed painting. The pieces are always personal - made by my two hand from start to finish.

My memory is visual- kernels of inspiration draw from the landscapes of long car rides through the Quebec country side as a child; intimate moments in the woods of upstate NY and trips to the ocean and beyond.

I hope that my work lives in spaces of pause and reflection- a favorite mug for a quiet morning coffee with a newspaper.

I hope that my work becomes part of the user’s personal tapestry- the dinnerware for boisterous evenings of coming together with friends and family.

When a piece finds use in a home with someone who appreciates the small surprises it holds, it continues to live beyond my making it, and becomes part of their story...

I am grateful each time my work enters a small part of a fellow human's routine or living space.

Twinette Poterie is named after my grandmother, Antoinette- her nickname. She passed in 2015, I started this business the following year in earnest. Twinette symbolizes my French Canadian roots, character and perseverance. It brings to mind my home province of farm land and open skies, the honesty and hard work with which my grandparents approached life.
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