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Tina Alberni, Artist at Color by Design Studio

Charlotte, NC

"A place for Interior Designers & Art Collectors to treasure hunt for wall art!"
Alberni earned a BS in art education with a concentration in printmaking.
She has been the featured artist in many venues. She has been the recipient of multiple grants and awards and has exhibited and sold to collectors on several continents.

Alberni's bi-cultural heritage and upbringing are woven throughout the fabric of her art. She brings layers together in a variety of techniques and materials to build her framework, and geometry, color and symbolism fuse to complete her narrative. Her aesthetic blends expressive and graphic elements across all her bodies of work.

She has been practicing as an art educator, art administrator, graphic designer, and studio artist since the mid-'90s and has been fully dedicated to her own art for a few decades. She currently works from her Mount Holly, NC Studio.
Alberni is open to Commission work, corporate partnerships and alternative space exhibits.

The Modern Rooftop style is one she promotes for commission work for corporate spaces, interior design decoration, etc.

"My modern rooftops series stems from the idea if walls could talk. Through my travels and having lived abroad, I have visited many old villages and poor favelas/barrios full of colorful people and histories. So many walls have been around for centuries and have "heard" so many stories. The heavy textures layered in my work tell my story hence giving history to my painted walls in each of the paintings."
Wescover creator since 2020
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Residential Project
Charlotte, NC
Residential Project
St. Louis, MO
Residential Project
Charlotte, NC
Residential Project
Cali, Colombia

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