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The Vallentine Project

Melbourne, Australia

The Vallentine Project homewares started in 2012 after Designer Bianca Vallentine returned from the states. Tired and weary from being on the road, Bianca started hand embroidering and painting large swathes of fabric as a way to reconnect with the textile work that she loved. Inspired by travel and nature, Vallentine creates a sense of quiet calm in her abstract and textural work. Big brush strokes and soft embroidered finishes are the hall marks of everything ‘The Vallentine Project’. Three years after embarking on the creation of her bed linen line The Vallentine Project works with local factories in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to complete her products. Still focussed on hand painted one-off pieces, her team embellish each product with intricate hand embroidery – representative of the connection between new and old techniques, slow processes and the bespoke. Working with these local makers she has finessed her production and painting techniques to create truly individual, one of a kind doona covers and pillowcases.

Considerate of sustainability, The Vallentine Project does not overstock their products – instead preferring to ‘sell out’ of styles and remake to order. In this vein they have developed a unique ‘edition’ model of business, recreating styles after orders have been created. In 2017 The Vallentine Project will focus its sales online, with only a few select retailers stocking the beautiful products, products will remain limited edition.
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