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Susan Altman

Charleston, SC

Embracing the Unexpected
“Did I really say that?” Clearly, our post-covid existence is a marked contrast to what we have known before… “They” call it novel. It is as if a sculptor has chiseled a block out of life and replaced it with the vast unknown. The work that I exhibited in Meyer Vogl “Shelter” show demonstrates my efforts at dealing with this challenge. As quoted in the City Paper; “I realized how important the process of creating is to me and how it changes my mood. Just expressing what I’m feeling, getting it out, elevates me.” However, I continue to dream about returning to New York and Monhegan Island, Maine. Although entirely different, New York and Monhegan both provide the stimulation and diversity that feed my soul. Therefore, I am nourished to create.

Although I have called Charleston home for many years, I am still attached to my roots in Connecticut. I have studied with numerous community artists as well as at The College of Charleston. Mentored and deeply influenced by William Halsey, I was encouraged to develop a free and creative statement, without fear of failure! Numerous courses at The Art Students League of New York have broadened my awareness and encouraged me to explore the multitude of approaches available to an expressive artist.

“The most important thing to me are the marks. Marks excite me. They add variation and juxtaposition. The marks I make are the vocabulary of my story. They’re my personal signature.”
Wescover creator since 2020

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