Chairs by STUA


San Sebastián, PV, Spain

"Forever Now. STUA design collection of New Classics."

What is your favorite material to work with?

"Wood"... Show more

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"That we bring new proposals, smaller improvements to the design world."... Show more

What motivates and inspires you?

"Mies van der Rohe, God is in the details"... Show more

What makes a space special?

"When a project has time, love and passion."... Show more

What’s unique about your work?

"We try to create timeless designs."... Show more

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"My name is Jon Gasca and I am the his so, so when we crearte a design it a father son dialogue / argue."... Show more
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