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Stillo Noir

Valencia, Spain

"I’m Tanya Heidrich, a.k.a. Stillo Noir, an artist, illustrator and pattern designer specializing in all things black and white"
Raised in Switzerland and now based in sunny Valencia, Spain, I draw inspiration from the simple beauty of everyday things, from alpine flora and leafy plants in surrounding nature, to manhole covers and tiles in urban landscapes. Enhancing the quiet details and shifting focus away from overall forms and color, I play with texture and details to create fun, unique designs with a handmade quality – and I'll gladly draw them on any surface!

In addition to murals and commissioned pieces, I create prints and patterns that I license out for all kinds of products like bedding, fabric, apparel, stationery and more.
Wescover creator since 2019

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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Each piece begins with inspiration, which I usually find in the quiet details of my surroundings, or occasionally in my dreams. From there, I may go straight to pen and paper, or I might sketch a few possible interpretations beforehand to see which design works best. The next steps depend greatly on the final surface and purpose of the piece. If the pattern is to be licensed or sold to a client, I’ll scan the drawing, digitally edit the contrast, and when requested will digitally trace the pattern and make it repeat-ready, so the design can be infinitely tiled. When it comes to mural or large-scale pieces, I’ll often play with mockups of the space first to find the design and scale that best compliments it. From there, the process depends on the type of design, the texture of the surface, and the scale: I might draw it freehand with a paint marker, sketch it out first in pencil, use a projector or use hand-made stencils."
Stillo NoirStillo Noir

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"My favorite part of sharing what I make with others is hearing people's gut reactions, especially for pieces that lean towards the abstract. The range of interpretations for a single pattern is really surprising and exciting, especially when guessing where the inspiration originally came from. For this reason, I'd prefer not to define any one way to react and instead go on the fun ride of hearing people's own interpretations!"
Stillo NoirStillo Noir

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