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Shelley Gentry

Little Rock, AR

"Painting my world from the inside out"
I am an artist, a painter. My artistic intent is fluid; changing along with my choice of subject, color palette, and even the medium I select for each painting. I see beauty in the commonplace, i.e. a coffee cup or simple bouquet of flowers; I am inspired to capture an intense gaze on canvas, in particular those of animals; and at other times, abstract concepts are what draw me to the studio. Regardless of subject matter, my paintings are characterized by a bold color palette, as found in nature and intensified in my imagination.
I view artistic media as tools and select the best one for the job at hand. Choice of medium is an integral step in my creative process. Although oils, watercolors, and pastels have their place in my toolkit, I work primarily in acrylics. They allow rapid layering of colors, impromptu glazes, and spontaneous change in a painting’s direction as new inspiration occurs. Occasionally I take a mixed media route with my paintings - incorporating found objects, remnants of discarded watercolor paintings, or personal photographic transfers. With a variety of media at my disposal, I tailor my creative process to enhance the intended message in each work.
I wish to delight, challenge, and inspire with my art - but most importantly, connect us to each other. Art is a conversation which is continually evolving. Regardless of subject matter or medium, my aim is to direct focus on these connections and promote a visual dialogue with the viewer. It is this potential for expressive communication that fuels my enthusiasm for the creative process and keeps me at the easel.
Wescover creator since 2020

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