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Scotty Giffen

East Hampton, CT

We are pleased to share our artwork with you. May you sense the beauty and mystery present in our multi-dimensional cosmic collages. As longtime artists, we have been collaborating in life and art over many years. We are fascinated by the creative process and how one achieves that wonderous state of mind experienced when totally immersed in creativity.

It is important to share with the viewer a glimpse of that path, to be invited into the work- perhaps taking a meditative moment, experiencing a sense of enchantment, peace or healing.

The emergence of a body of dimensional photographs has come into being thanks to the beauty of the natural world. Over the past several years we have devoted more time to be in and with nature finding peace and restorative quality in the living stillness.

Most importantly, thanks to `All That Is! ` Our experience is that nature itself has provided a new sense of seeing.

Scotty Giffen & Emily Zeitlin. PEACE.
Wescover creator since 2019

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