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Sandra Lindner

Hamburg, Germany

Sandra Lindner is a German designer, which concentrates on the materials metal and textile.

After several handicraft educations, Lindner graduated in Industrial Design and Architecture. Born in Baden-Württemberg, she finally founded her own studio “Lindner im Norden” in Hamburg in 1996.

One of the basic thoughts of Sandra Lindner is to produce things out of one single piece. This thought is seen in nearly all her products. Moreover, she includes the handicraft aspect and the coincidences that may occur into the serial production.

Today’s sustainability issues are a current focus in Lindner’s work, as well as the unique qualities of natural raw materials. Her furniture series ‘Bestiaux’ and the flooring ‘Pinhua mudiban’ are made from recycled materials. With her most recent works using ceramics, Lindner establishes a connection between movement and form.
Wescover creator since 2017

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