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Robert Ramirez - Paintings and Art
Robert Ramirez
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Robert Ramirez

Los Angeles, CA

“Some of my works from 1996 to 1999, artistically examine the relation between abstraction and representation as process to picturemaking. Sources of imagery are taken from movie videos, which I photograph off the television, advertisements and emblems varying from food packages to skate board motifs. I think of these sources of depictions as “ready-mades”.

These “ready-mades” are reproduced as a vinyl decal and adhered to various surfaces, such as acrylic plexiglas or wood panels. Oftentimes a piece is made up of more than one panel and placed side by side. While earlier work involved a conventional figure ground relationship in paint, another correlation was developed in a different mode, to interact with the background and image both topically and visually by sticking the image to the surface as a decal.