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Rob Leighton Sculptor

Ashford, United Kingdom

"Rob’s sculptures explore the forms inspired by or found in nature and the emotional and expressive qualities of form. Plant life, land formations and the human body inform his visual vocabulary. Rob brings life to the materials he employs using the poetry of line, light, form, colour and shadow."
Rob Leighton is a British sculptor. He grew up in Staffordshire but is now based in Kent.
The abstract forms retain an element of anthropomorphism and these pieces articulate the drama of human existence and our search for meaning. Sometimes starting with only a vague notion as to the direction a sculpture will take, Rob engages in a dialogue with emerging form and the materials being used for its creation. For this dialogue to be unconstrained Rob does not adhere to the principles of the reductive processes involved in carving nor the additive processes of modelling; rather using both in a single work. Dependent upon the evolving form Rob may explore allegories informed by classical mythology, religious themes or simply the emotional power and presence of the form itself.

Rob completed a B.A. in Fine Art, concentrating upon drawing and sculpting the figure from life but it was not until studying with the Artist and Sculptor Stuart Osborne that he was provided with the means to make meaningful work. In Stuart’s studio, working from the life model every day for a further two years, as well as making small sculptures based upon natural forms provided him with the means to develop his sculptural language through methods of carving, fabrication and casting.

In his studio in Kent Rob creates small scale and monumental sculpture in a wide range of materials as well as figure and portrait sculpture. He employs both traditional techniques and processes as well as new technologies and materials, often in order to make work as environmentally friendly as possible. Rob does not wait for commissions and new work is always being produced but Rob has completed commissioned work and is happy to engage with anyone who would like a sculpture to enhance their environment and their lives.
Wescover creator since 2019

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