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Rob Badger Photography - Photography and Art
Rob Badger Photography
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Rob Badger Photography

Sausalito, CA

“For more than 45 years Rob has focused on nature, and conservation, population and environmental issues. His national magazine and newspaper credits include Time, Mother Jones, Sierra, and OMNI Magazines, New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, and he has completed more than 30 conservation projects for national and international land conservation groups including The Nature Conservancy and The Trust for Public Land.

In 1998 Rob presented a slide show and lecture at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. for the Sierra Club to support the Clinton administration’s efforts in reforming the antiquated 1872 Mining Law. Later that year the Center for Russian Nature Conservation chose him to photograph Russian nature preserves in remote regions of Siberia and European Russia.

In 2009 Rob received the Avanti Award, a $10,000 grant “to encourage and financially support individuals who want to pursue their passions in art.” He has won major international awards for both his Antarctica and wildflower series, and “Best in Journalism” for his environmental issue photography. Rob has also creatively developed two unique, macro/close-up techniques, the “Wrapped” and “Contact” Series, that change the way we perceive a wildflower and its home.”